Contests & Demos of Industry Skills offer a unique opportunity to watch those who work in the commercial fishing industry show off the skills of their trade.

Lobstering Demo

Learn everything you wanted to know about lobsters from Dave Casoni who has been a commercial lobsterman working out of Sandwich, Massachusetts for over forty years. Dave also serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association as well as on a wide variety of fishing related boards.

Link Squeezing Contest

Raw power meets dexterity when scallopers fix their gear during a heaving sea on the ocean.  The 4-inch rings in their dredges are linked to each other with the help of a link squeezer, a tool much like a large pair of pliers.  Our link squeezing contest takes place on the Contest Stage on Steamship Pier just prior to Scallop Shucking Contest.

Abandon Ship Demo

Watch a dockside demonstration of how fishermen on deck must act quickly to abandon ship.

Net Mending Contest

Net mending is a skill few fishermen possess – those who do are highly valued.  Having a skilled net mender as part of your crew can make the difference between a trip ending or being completed when nets become torn and damaged.  Come watch this exciting contest.  *Contest prizes provided by Latti and Anderson LLP

Scallop Shucking Contest

A scallop boat has a seven-men crew who typically work 16 hours a day and shuck an average of ten thousand scallops per day.  Fast-handed fishermen will shuck bushels of scallops, competing in the shucking contest.  Contestants are judged on both speed and product quality.  Bring a rain coat if you want to sit in the front row when they compete on the Contest Stage – Steamship Pier. *Contest prizes provided by Latti and Anderson LLP

Splicing Demo and Contest

Splicing is the process of joining one piece of rope or wire to another or to itself and is an essential skill for those who work the water. Unlike knots, splices are permanent and highly efficient in both size and strength.  Splices range in size from 3-strand or double braid to 12-strand or even 16-strand depending on their use.  *Contest prizes provided by The Marlinspike Artist – Barbara Merry.

Survival Suit Race and Safety Demo

Survival (or immersion) suits are required by law on commercial fishing vessels. The donning of a survival suit on a pitching deck is an essential skill.  On board a ship in distress, the fisherman must be able to complete the entire head-to-boot process in about one minute.  Come learn about the latest in safety from fishermen and certified safety instructors, Ted Williams and Rodney Avila, and watch as fishermen race each other to don their suits. *Contest prizes provided by Hercules SLR US