We are just beginning to solidify our 2015 line up.  Here are a few of the performers who will join us this year!  Be sure to check back as we add to the roster.

Ana Vinagre Ensemble

Ana Vinagre Ensemble

Ana Vinagre is one of the area’s best known, and most respected Fadistas. Born in Portugal, she immigrated to New Bedford as a young woman with her husband Jose. Both had been members of folkloric dance and music ensembles and they have continued to perform at area Portuguese restaurants, community events, and in festivals and concerts around the nation. They take great pride in their culture and enjoy teaching American audiences about the tradition of Fado music, a genre that developed in the port city of Lisbon and was performed at waterfront clubs and bars frequented by sailors and seamen.


Deb Cowan

With a voice that blends Celtic and Appalachian styles, Debra Cowan performs a cappella and with guitar, interpreting a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk songs. Her performances gives listeners old and new story-songs reflecting the human experiences, comedic short ditties all the while encouraging the audience to join in on choruses and refrains. Based near Worcester, Massachusetts, Debra tours extensively in the USA and United Kingdom and has shared the stage with artists as varied as Richard Shindell and John Renbourne.

ViviCam 6300

Jon Campbell

Jon Campbell owned a workboat before he owned a car. In those days, bay scallops, clams and quahogs, flounder and lobsters were abundant in the coastal ponds and Narragansett Bay. Regulations were few and the commercial fisheries were still represented by independent men in wooden Eastern Rigs. For the past 25 years, Jon has been writing and performing music based on the wide range of experience available to those people living in coastal regions, the tourists, the cuisine, the fisheries, cranky Yankees and an assortment of humorous and poignant characters.

Jon has been a recognized Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Folk Artist since 1982, and he has been involved in a large number of recording projects both as performer and producer. He is presently retired from a 25 year career in the motion picture industry, and yes he did work on the Perfect Storm, in addition to many more major releases. To fill in the blanks, Jon’s musical activities in the last year have ranged from Camden, Maine to Kodiak Alaska.


John Roberts

John Roberts has been singing English folk songs since the early 1960s, when he joined a local folk club in his native Worcestershire. Coming to the USA as a graduate student in 1968, he soon joined with Tony Barrand, to form a duo which has lasted ever since. Singing in unaccompanied harmony, or with concertina or banjo, their entertaining style has delighted audiences at major festivals and venues around the country.

While continuing to work with Tony, and since 1975 with the seasonal performances of Nowell Sing We Clear, John works as a solo performer. He recently released his first solo recording, Sea Fever. He is a superb English singer who plays banjo, guitar, concertina, and hurdy-gurdy, as well as being a musicologist and music editor. He sings ballads and songs of the sea, of rural pursuits, of social and sociable situations, of industrial toil and strife, and much more. John is also noted for his renditions of Music Hall songs.


Larry Kaplan

Old Zeb,” “Song for Gale,” “Song for The Bowdoin,” John,” “ Get Her Into Shore,” “Selling The Isabel”—- just a few examples of the extensive song bag of some of the best contemporary ballads from New England and along its shores you will find in modern folk music today. Larry Kaplan’s songs have been performed and recorded by many respected artists and audiences around the world—poignant stories in song, written in the truest folk tradition, honest, highly singable… always memorable. Larry has also played a significant role in helping to bring the music collected by the late E. Gale Huntington, of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to scholars, performers, and collectors alike, who share a love for the songs sung and shared by sailors and whalers across many oceans. Born in Boston, Larry grew up in Maine and Massachusetts and now calls both London, England, and Essex, Connecticut home. He worked for many years on the traditional schooners from Maine, sailed on and helped restore the Schooner, Bowdoin, and has released two CDs through Folk Legacy Records, “ Worth All The Telling” and recently, his newest recording, “Songs For An August Moon.” A multi-instrumentalist and fine singer, Larry is very pleased to share his fine music with us.

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The Festival features maritime and ethnic music that relates to the commercial fishing industry.

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