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10 Different Types Of Pushups – What Are They?

10 Different Types Of Pushups – What Are They?

Body Building Info-The pushups are part of the most basic exercises. He was asked to the majority of people make a lizard at some point in their lives. pushups are often made in situations in which there is no equipment available because you are the only thing that is needed to complete the majority of the variations of the exercise

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These are pushups that people are more familiar. It starts tending you face down on the floor with the palms of your hands resting right next to your shoulders. The lower part of your body should be supported on the floor by your toes. Begin movement by pressing your palms against the floor and extending your arms, taking off the body of the floor. Once your arms are fully extended, slowly lower your body towards the floor. When your chest is approximately at a distance equal to your fist on the floor, he extends his arms to make a new repetition.


The modified push-ups are used to reduce the level of difficulty of the exercises so do those with less force. In order to perform the modified push-ups, supports your knees on the floor, not double your hip out and keep your back straight when you do this exercise.

Diamond push-ups

The diamond push-ups are made to increase the amount of work done by the triceps. When you do these push-ups place your hands under your chest with your thumbs and index touching to create a diamond shape.

With the knuckles

The push ups with knuckles can be useful if you have problems with your wrists whether as flexible in neutral position during this exercise. Place your hands sober floor with clenched fist and knuckle down

With the high feet

Do push-ups with your feet elevated is more difficult than the standard push-ups. It elevates your feet by placing them on a surface such as a bench, a Chair, a box or even on the hands of a teammate.

With the upper part of your body high

The push ups with the top of the high body are easier to make than normal push ups and it is a good way to teach the exercise. You can raise your body to a Chair, or a bank. The more higher the object, easier it will be to carry out your exercise.


With an arm

The push ups of an arm are only one of the most difficult types of doing them. This is because one of your arms has to do the work of the two, that your body has to compensate for the change in the balance and stability that happens.

With one leg

The push ups with a leg are made the same way as the normal push ups with the difference that you have to hold a leg without resting it on the floor. Do push ups in this way increases the level of difficulty by forcing the body to compensate for the disturbance in the balance and stability as well as to use the muscles of the hip and the upper part of the leg to hold the limb.

On unstable surfaces

You can use an unstable surface to complicate normal push ups. A ball of ropes, balance, a balance disc or pad can be used to create an unstable surface. It is placed between the floor and your hands or between your feet and the floor surface.

With Pats

Give a slap between push ups introduces an element polymeric exercise. Do this exercise by pushing your body away from the floor the high enough so that you can give a clap your hands before descending again to the starting position.


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