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5 Best Free VPN Apps To Use On Your Android Phone In 2022

5 Best Free VPN Apps To Use On Your Android Phone In 2022

Before learning about the free VPN it is essential for you to know what a VPN is and how it works. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is an end-to-end inscribed through a particular device to the internet connection. With the help of a VPN, you can make sure that your data is secured and is not going into the hands of any government authorities, third-party software, and hackers. It avoids all kinds of traffic on your internet connection and allows everyone to carry out any activity on the internet without worrying about the leaking of your data to anyone. It is mainly used by corporate sectors to secure their important data. By using VPN you can set your IP location to any place around the world and hide the location of your connectivity.

Top 5 free VPN apps of 2022

There are many free VPN for android, let’s have a look at the top five VPN apps.

is a free app that won’t let your data and information and does not allow anyone to track your data. It is very simple to use and the interface is also very easy to understand. You can utilize this for any kind of activity which you are finding tough to carry out through your IP address. Features: It supports the Android platform, with more than 5000 servers in 60 different countries, and also contains the kill switch mode.

  • ExpressVPN

It is known as the world’s largest VPN which offers addresses from around 94 different countries. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice for a free VPN. Features: Supported on Android system, more than 3000 servers from 94 different countries, it also has the kill switch mode.

  • Surfshark

This is one of the fastest and most trusted VPNs if compared to all other free VPNs. This also helps you to mask up your real IP location. Features: Android support, number of servers around 3200 from 65 countries, also has the feature of the kill switch. This is an ideal choice for gaming.

  • Atlas VPN

It offers the safest and most flexible connection to your internet. The protocol provided by this VPN is the best among all. It lets you use the internet from any of your preferred locations. Features: Contains support for Android, more than 750 servers from 37 countries, also support kill switch feature and is used by many corporate sectors.

  • IPVanish

This is a service provider that is commercial. It competes to be the fastest among all the other free VPNs. Features: Supports Android, more than 1,400 servers from across 75 countries, includes switch kill feature, does not allow to note down your activities.


Using VPN is not an optional choice but this has become mandatory in many fields. It offers you security and safeguards to all your data and records of activity you use via the internet. Free VPN allow you to hide your IP address without even charging you any fees and this article includes the top 5 free VPN  to use for Android phones in 2022.


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