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5 Step Process Of Digital Marketing – Know About The Steps

5 Step Process Of Digital Marketing – Know About The Steps

that make it difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to keep on the cutting edge of technology. Not every business can afford top marketing talent needed to succeed against your competition.

Business owners can find more info information about the products to have effective results. The following of the steps is essential to have more revenue and sales. There is an increase in the bank balance with the correct process for digital marketing. Success is available to the people.

Raleigh Inbound Marketing can serve at your Virtual Marketing Manager, providing seamless marketing leadership, working in tandem with your management team to develop and implement high-level marketing programs that help you elevate your market position and capture higher-value business.

Step 1: Diagnostics and Visioning

This lays the foundation by assessing what is currently working, what is not, and deciding what is needed before generating cost-effective, fresh ideas that will help you achieve your objectives.

How it Works:

On our initial meeting, we cover issues/challenges, your use of communications, resources and future plans. Through our discussions we will bring fresh perspectives and bring out new ideas and opportunities.

We will map out an Editorial Calendar to use as our base for the marketing plan.

We will identify your target audience segments and what message do you want to convey to each segment.

Determine who your competition is, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and come up with a plan to stay one step ahead of them. Click here to take a Competitive Analysis Quiz

What You Get:

As a result of our work, you will be clear about the approach you need to take to achieve your business objectives.

You will receive an detailed report which will be our basis for a strategic marketing plan to work from.

Connected Campaign Prep Checklist:

  • Editorial Calendar – 3-6 months out
  • Target Audience – Buyer Personas
  • Product or Service along with features and benefits
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Call to Action and Message
  • Digital Landscape Competitive Analysis

Step 2: Theme and Content Building Ideas

This delivers strategic direction and hands-on support. Mind mapping creative ideas around a theme and identifying the layers of content needed and what platforms and channels will be used to accomplish this goal.

How it Works:

Using the editorial calendar, information from our Future Marketing Request form, and meeting with the client to determine any upcoming event to focus on, we will mind map several layers of ideas for you and your staff to use during the month.

Checklists will be generated to take the guesswork out of knowing what content to create and what to post.

KPIs will be set along with identifying what collateral we will use to analyze the ROI of a campaign.

What You Get:

A purposeful strategy and plan with support delivery ad results.

This process will give you a base of ideas to help you focus your efforts and not worry about what needs to get done.

Step 3: Creating the Content

This is an integrated, cost effective way to meet your business’s marketing needs without taking away time from maintaining your current business workload.

How it Works:

  • 4 Areas of Marketing – Inbound, Outbound, Both (Inbound and Outbound), and Social Media
  • Identify your buying cycle and where the content would fall withing those parameters
  • Establish a System to Create & Manage the Content each month

What You Get:

Confidence knowing you are outsourcing to a professional marketing support person who will guide you in creating the best collateral in order to generate more leads and more sales.

Step 4: Launching & Managing Campaign

Establishing a clear timeline for managing content creation gives you a goal to measure success and introduces your audience to a new message.

How it Works:

  • Decide on a launch date
  • Collect outsourced content
  • Determine what needs to be manually updated and who will do it, by what date.
  • Notify staff of specials, coupons, hashtags, anything used in the campaign

Communicate to the staff what the campaign is all about. Get them on board to help with promoting it. Staff engagement is critical to a company.

Identify social media postings that need to be made during the month, who will do it, and what scheduling platform will be used.

What You Get:

You and your staff will be kept abreast of the campaign as it is launched and managed for input and participating.

Advice and execution from a talented team of experts in everything from strategic planning through to implementation.

Step 5: Analytics

Clear business objectives are established and criteria to measure your success are identified in order for you to receive qualitative reporting on the efforts of the campaign.

How it Works:

Review website analytics. Web traffic is evaluated to identify where it came from and where they went.

  • Facebook Insights report will show which postings had higher engagement
  • Evaluate the KPIs set during step 2. Any Coupons or Specials page on website will be analyzed to determine ROI

What You Get:

One of the biggest problems of social media from businesses is the lack of determining any ROI and justifying expenditures on social media. This process will help to determine your ROI and who your target audience was along with what they found valuable.

If you didn’t get the “right” target audience or the “right” keywords weren’t used, then try something different next month.

The Results

A fully integrated marketing program, led by a seasoned digital and social media professional who knows not only your culture but also your competitors, your market sectors, and can generate a long-range marketing program that delivers revenue results.


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