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8 Flirting Techniques For Men – Check the techniques

8 Flirting Techniques For Men – Check the techniques

It is not enough that you are good-looking or if you dress well. It is also not enough that you have a great job and your own place. There is more to hooking up than just these factors. You also need to know how to flirt. Flirting is an art in itself. A science if you will. Even guys who you think are less attractive to you get the girls while you are left alone at the bar pondering on why the universe hates you so much.

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Here are eight flirting techniques for men that will make you a hit with the ladies.

  1. Confidence

So you have gathered enough courage to go to the club with the intention to meet someone. You are about to enter so what now? Once you’re inside, you need to communicate to everyone, the ladies especially, that you are someone interesting. The way you walk, order your drink, and sit at the bar tells so much about you. If you exude confidence at the get-go, you are well on your way to a great night.

  1. Eye Contact

Remember the old adage “the eyes are the windows to the soul”? It’s because the eyes tells a lot about a person. You can show someone that you are interested by how you look at them. Be careful not to look creepy like you are up to no good. There’s a fine line between eye contact flirting and looking like a serial killer. Smile with your eyes and look directly at her. Or you can use that ‘bedroom’ look. If your eyes meet, hold it for a few seconds until you relayed the feeling that you like her and then turn away. Keep her guessing for a while but you need to plant the seed that you are flirting with her. Use your eyes to give her enough reason to be interested as well.

  1. The Approach

So you’ve trained your eyes on a pretty lady across the room. What do you do now? You can ask a waiter to bring her a drink or you can approach her with confidence and offer to buy her a drink yourself. What’s important is that you lock eyes before you stand and walk towards her. Give her the notion that of all the ladies in the bar that night, you find her the most attractive and interesting. That is why you are walking to her and introducing yourself to her. Oh, and lay off clichés and pick-up lines. The best way to introduce your self is to simply introduce yourself. Then ask politely if you can join her for a drink.

  1. Body Language

So she accepted your drink and told her your name. You are now sitting across her or beside her. The next step is to let your body do the talking. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to zip your mouth and let her guess what you mean to say. This is no game of charades. While conversing, show her subtle signs using your body. Turn your body towards her. If it is turned away, it can be interpreted that you are not interested. You also need to exude confidence through body language. While you’re talking, keep your head up and look directly at her eyes.

  1. Be Funny

Everyone loves the funny guy. Use humor to keep your conversation interesting. But be careful with your jokes. You need to know how to be funny without being offensive. You need to learn to read the lady in front of you. If you think she digs dirty jokes, go ahead. If not, clean fun will always work. Also, making her laugh is one way you can determine if she likes you as well. If she touches your shoulder and arm as she laughs, this may be a positive indication.

  1. Compliment Her

As your conversation gets longer, you get to understand her more. You also let her take a peek at who you really are and what you are about. To further let her know that you like her, you need to dole out some compliments. Tell her how impressed you are with what she does. If she spends her extra time helping out in the orphanage or at the home for the elderly, tell her how highly you think of her. If you’re up to it, mention something like how you’ve always wanted to do something good for other people and that she inspires you to finally do something. Who knows, this may lead her to ask you to come with her the next time she visits them. If she’s an intellectual, tell her how you admire intelligent people like her. The most effective way to compliment her, though, is to talk about how she looks. Tell her that her smile is absolutely lovely or that her laugh is cute and contagious. Mention how her eyes are so deep and soulful and how … But be cautious when doling out these compliments. Do not overdo it. A lady can tell if you are real or if you’re saying a bunch of bull.

  1. All About Her

As you can tell from the previous flirting tip, you need to make her happy. And one of the time-tested ways to make a woman happy is to make her the center of your life. In this case, however, make her the focus of your night. Let her talk and listen to everything she says. If possible, memorize some details about her. From what she wore, how wonderful she smelled, how funny her smile was, and some things that she told you. Of course you need to do your part to keep the conversation interesting. But you should never let the talk be all about you. You’re trying to impress her not bore her.

  1. Be Yourself

Finally, just be yourself. The more you act out or lie about certain things, the more difficult it’ll be to get out of the hole you dug for yourself. This is especially true if you get to book a date with her and get to know each other a little more.


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