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A Deep Insight Into The Religious Movement Of Shincheonji 

A Deep Insight Into The Religious Movement Of Shincheonji 

The religious offshoot movement of Shincheonji has numerous names such as Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, Church of Jesus, New heaven, and new earth. It is a brand new offshoot nonsecular motion springing from the faith of Christianity. It originated in South Korea, 1984 and became a religious community after Lee Man-hee founded it. According to South Korea’s Health Ministry, the nonsecular motion presently estimates 317,320 participants. 

The essential notion of this nonsecular motion is that Lee Man-hee, founding father of the motion, is the New Testament’s promised pastor. Moreover, there is also a belief held that the Book of Revelation is composed of parables that can only be accurately and correctly understood and interpreted by Lee. However, its followers believed that the book may be deciphered in the simplest form through Lee Man-hee’s reading. Before being the founding father of this nonsecular motion, he changed into a group referred to as Olive Tree, which just so happens to be a debatable organization in South Korea.

Doctrine of Shincheonji

The community of Shincheonji has the subsequent beliefs:- 

  • This nonsecular motion believes or preaches that the motion participants obtain salvation in the last judgment, which appears to be the non secular motion’s middle religion.
  • Furthermore, individuals who aren’t a member of the organization will no longer obtain any forgiveness, and their existence will similarly be destroyed.
  • The organization is regularly defined to be a doomsday cult because of its apocalyptic and messianic character.
  • The movement’s followers regularly consult with the chief or founding father of the organization as Chairman Lee, the chairman, the only one who overcomes, the promised pastor, and additionally the advocate. 
  • The followers further consider that Lee is a form of reincarnation of Jesus because he possesses the spirit of Jesus Christ, who has returned in him. The Bible, too, is believed to be written in hidden manna that Lee can only comprehend. 

The organization similarly believes that Lee will employ 144,000 adherents sealed at the Day of Judgement for the testimony of discovered phrase to the arena to make up the Multitude in White and they may descend to heaven with so one can revel in an everlasting existence there. 

The Shincheonji nonsecular motion is regularly accused of being competitive because they’re believed to appoint competitive strategies and misleading practices. The movement holds a negative reputation in South Korea rather than one of prominence. 

Few participants of the motion also cover their identity because they do not want others to know that they’re associated with the organization so that they’re no longer confused and discriminated against. The organization, however, has said that discrimination, violence, harassment isn’t part of their motion’s policy. 


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