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Best Mass Gainer Supplement For Muscular Weight Gain

Best Mass Gainer Supplement For Muscular Weight Gain

Building muscle can be a seriously hard slog and guys who find it hard to gain muscle often get labeled as “hard gainers”. A hard gainer is typically slim, long-limbed, cannot put on much muscle or fat, and tends to be narrow-shouldered and narrow-hipped. In technical terms, a hard gainer is an ectomorph and is the polar opposite of an easy gainer or mesomorph.

However, and despite allusions to the contrary, a hard-gaining ectomorph can still build a very good physique; it just means they have to work harder and smarter than a typical mesomorph.

Often, this means seeking out the best weight-gaining supplements and the Homepage will guide you on how you can choose the best supplement for your body.

Weight Gaining Supplements

The best weight gain supplement is arguably plenty of good quality food but there are lots of other things a hard gainer can take to increase muscle size and body weight. That is not to say that our genetically gifted mesomorph wouldn’t benefit from a mass gaining supplement – they just don’t tend to need them as much!

There are lots of different mass gaining supplements available…

Bump Up Your Calorie Intake

High-calorie drinks – not eating enough calories can significantly impair muscle growth. If you aren’t very hungry or don’t have time to eat, getting enough calories can be a problem. That’s where high-calorie mass-gaining shakes can be very useful. They contain a lot of calories, protein, and carbs to ensure you have all the nutrients you need to gain weight.

Increase your T-levels

Testosterone boosters – testosterone is your primary anabolic hormone which means it’s responsible for building muscle. If you can increase your T-levels, you will build muscle more easily. There are several testosterone-boosting supplements around, most of which contain natural herbs and essential fats.

Try Some Creatine

Creatine – creatine gives you more energy for exercise and helps fill out your muscles with water which makes them bigger and also helps you lift more weight. Creatine has been proven again and again to be a beneficial mass gaining supplement.

Boost Your Growth Hormone Levels

HGH boosters – like testosterone, Human Growth Hormone is vital for muscle growth and can be boosted by taking supplements. One of the best growth hormone supplements around is Hyper GH 14X.

Training for Mass

Building muscle is about more the just taking supplements though; you also have to train hard and smart. To make your muscles grow you need to overload them by working them hard in the gym but then also allow plenty of time between workouts to allow for rest and recovery. For most people, this means that you need to work your muscles once or twice a week and utilize a split routine that involves three to four workouts per week.

The best muscle-building exercises tend to be the ones that allow you to lift the most weight. For example, squats will build far more muscle mass than leg extensions and bench presses will build more muscle mass than cable flies. By focusing on these “big” exercises, you are much more likely to become big yourself.

Of course, while you could design your own workouts, if you are a novice exerciser or simply prefer to get professional guidance, you could always hire a personal trainer or sign up for one of the many online training courses that are available such as this highly recommended one by Kyle Leon called The Muscle Maximizer.

Stress, Sleep, and Gaining Muscle

While what you eat, what mass gaining supplements you take, and what training you do will have a huge impact on your weight training and gaining progress, it’s vital that you do two other things; keep your stress levels as low as possible and get plenty of quality sleep.

Stress produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is catabolic which means it causes muscle break down – the opposite of what any mass gainer needs! Mental, emotional, and excess physical stress all lead to elevated cortisol levels and can seriously derail your muscle-building efforts.

To minimize your stress levels, try to avoid stressful situations and learn to deal with stress more effectively. Deep breathing exercises can be especially useful and so to can meditation. Also, make sure you get enough sleep.

Sleep is when your body goes into growth mode. Testosterone and growth hormone levels increase and your body works hard during the night to ensure the damage caused to your muscles by your workout has been repaired.

Typically, because of the stresses of modern life, many of us get by on as few as five hours of sleep per night which is enough to survive on but only just.

For optimal muscle-building purposes, you need closer to eight and preferably ten hours per night. This will maximize anabolic hormone production, decrease cortisol production and ensure you are getting the best possible results from your training. If you cannot get a good night’s sleep, try to have a power nap or two during the day to boost muscle growth.

For those of you who have problems getting adequate sleep, you should consider this remarkable sleep aid called Alteril. Alteril is a symbiotic blend of natural nine (yes 9) sleep compounds such as:

1) Tryptophan, which is responsible for triggering the output of essential neurotransmitters that control your body’s natural sleeping and waking cycles.

2) Melatonin, which tells your body when to sleep and when to wake up through its role in the regulation of your circadian rhythm.

3) Valerian, a fabulous sedative that brings you down and helps you fully relax into sleep without leaving you feeling groggy the next day. And

4) Theanine, which reduces feelings of stress and anxiety by increasing your relaxation brain waves, easing you into full, deep sleep.

5) Plus another 5 such herbs.

To find it, simply click here at this health store and search for Alteril – you won’t be disappointed!

Building muscle can be very hard for some people but even the hardest of hard gainers can still make very significant progress and build a strong and powerful-looking body, especially when exercise is accompanied by selective mass gaining supplements.


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