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Body Weight Workouts Proper Exercises

Body Weight Workouts Proper Exercises

Body weight workouts are needed to make sure that you lose excessive pounds. Dieters who want to have drastic weight loss often prefer extreme diets without doing any exercises. However, extreme dieting without exercises can be dangerous to your system.

Learning about the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]laser skin tightening stomach before and after results is essential for people. There is building of the strong and effective body. There is no danger available to the system of the people. The performance of the exercise is through some skills and intelligence.

Do not attempt to lose without proper exercises since it can lead to lose of muscle mass. In addition, weight loss without any exercises can lead to yo-yo dieting. You may easily get back what you already lost. To ensure that you keep the weight that you already lost, you need to follow proper exercises. There are several types of exercises and you may choose which one is right for your condition.

You may choose between aerobic exercises or body weight workouts. Those who really want to lose weight choose aerobic exercise however, the weight loss related to aerobic workouts may not be enough. If you are serious in losing weight, it is recommended that you combine aerobic exercises with body weight workouts. Combining the aerobic and body weight workouts may help you meet your ideal weight easier.

Some of body weight workouts that you may include in your routine may include:

Pull Up

Pull up is a great body weight workout. This exercise aims to build the biceps and lats. This may need basic equipment or a little creativity on your part. A playground or a tree branch may allow you to do a pull up.

You may do this exercise for twenty repetitions but to obtain the best results, you may do this with fifty reps per week.


Pushup is probably a common body weight workout. Most people who want to exercise and lose weight prefer pushup since this is less risky than other exercises. If you exercise push up for long, it may bore you later on. If pushup already bores you, add a variation of pushup to your routine. A variation of regular suspended pushups on rings and one-arm pushup are just some of the variation you may try.

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises can be done anywhere without using any equipment. Abdominal exercise is great in toning your abdominal muscles. This may also great in eliminating excessive belly fats.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is a common body weight workout for players since it is great cardio and strength training exercise. It is also simple to do than other workouts.

One Leg Balance

One leg balance can be great for those who are just starting to exercise. If one leg balance is already too easy for you, you may add a variation. To add variation, you may add a book or anything that can be placed in front of you. Reach out to the book in front of you while you are doing one leg balance.

In the end, before you do body weight workouts, make sure that you check first with your healthcare provider if what type of workouts is best for you. You have to tell your doctor if you have past or present medical condition,


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