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Cannabis Payment Services Coming To A Dispensary Near You

Recreational and medical marijuana businesses have, to date, been cash only businesses. This makes them very dangerous to operate. Bankers say that even though the federal government has told them they can approach cannabis-related businesses where they are legal, banks are still apprehensive to do business with them. They don’t want to open themselves up to any future liability. As a result, many cannabis businesses operate with tight security measures in place. Many also hire security companies that offer special services for marijuana-based operators. They operate armored car services and bank-like storage services for the cannabis industry. How To Make Your Own Vape Cartridge? The procedure requires special services to the individuals. The payment at the cannabis store is safe and secure for the people. The choosing of the correct cannabis products is through the skills and excellence. A pleasant experience is available to the consumers. 

Now GCHI Green Company Holdings, Inc. a subsidiary of Worldwide Internet, Inc. (OTC Pink: WNTR) (PINKSHEETS: WNTR) announced it is launching Cannabis Payment Services (“CPS”) in order to alleviate the banking issues. CPS says that it can take payments in the most secure fashion possible. Their press release claims “Merchants will be able to invoice, track, and grow their business while reducing the risk of theft and losses by empowering the credit card and debit card payment method.”

This could transform the industry, particularly Colorado’s recreational industry which analysts say was hobbled by only accepting cash. Not only will it offer these services, CPS also offers added protection in securing a retailer’s information. “The CPS back office is empowered with the most enhanced software to protect against fraudulent activities,” the press release claims.

An Ontario-based company, GCHI Green Company Holdings, Inc. (“GCHI”) has asked MNP, LLC–an accounting and business consultancy firm to audit GCHI’s financials. It seems as though GCHI is seizing the opportunity lurking just across the southern border. They are also poised to gobble up other operations within the cannabis sector. “The Green Fund continues to look for technologies and opportunities that will create income and increase shareholder value in this industry,” announces their press release.

This may be a good time to get a piece of GCHI or CPS as they seem to be positioning themselves to becoming a major player in the cannabis industry. Of course do your research and if you have one, talk to your stock broker.



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