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Dating Shouldnt Stop Commitment – Know the truth

Dating Shouldnt Stop Commitment – Know the truth

If you’re in a long-term or committed relationship, that shouldn’t mean that you have to stay in! Here are a few reasons why you should never stop planning dates for you and your partner.

Whether you and you partner have just moved in together, just gotten engaged or married, or have been married for many years, planning a date can be a great strategy to keep your relationship renewed, fulfilling and interesting. Yes, it is easy to fall into the pattern of binge watching TV together or texting too much throughout the day that you might not have much to talk about when you’re face to face. However, it is important to get out the monotony and do things to differentiate your routine. It can be one of the most gratifying things you can do for yourself and your relationship. Here’s why:

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Living in the Present

Most of us lead very busy lives and go through our routines without actually taking in the present and what’s right in front of us. Technology has only worsened this. We live in a screen based society and it’s hard to break away from that! If you’re not checking up on social media, crushing candy, catching Pokémon or watching the new viral video, you’re probably asleep. It’s important to remove yourself from your routine and distractions every so often in any situation, but especially when it comes to spending time with your partner. Planning a special date night for the two of you can be a perfect way to achieve this.

If you choose to go to dinner, it can be so nice to just sit face to face with your special someone and enjoy a special meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourselves. We all grow and evolve over time, no matter how old we are. Take the time to learn about the changes in your partner before looking up from your screen one day to find someone who feels like a stranger staring at theirs. However, even if you have already felt that way, it’s not too late to change that!

Spice Things Up

Going out might seem like a bother in theory, but most times once you start getting ready, you will start to feel excited and realize that it will be a nice change from sitting on the couch. It is so common to become stuck in a rut without even realizing it. If you have kids for example, this is even truer. Planning a date is a good way to stop this rut from taking over your life.

Your partner is your best friend and you will be able to enjoy time together without thinking of all the stresses of life that usually get in the way. It doesn’t matter what type of date you plan. It can be different every time or a string of similar dates. All that matters is that you will be enjoying it together and this could give you a new lease on your relationship, possibly even life.

Treasure the Past

It’s natural for you to have seen everything, including the good and bad, once you’ve lived with someone for long enough. You know why you fell in love to begin with, but sometimes that special feeling is overshadowed by your everyday routine. You have to work to not let that happen. So plan an outing, get dressed up and remind each other why you kept dating in the first place.

You’ll each feel good about yourselves respectively, but also of each other. You might remember little things that made you fall in love in the first place. It’s possible that you might even realize new things about each other that make you fall in love even more.

It’s Healthy For You

When you’ve been a couple for so long, it is easy to think of yourselves as one unit. Disregarding your needs over the needs of the couple is pretty common. That is why planning dates that will make you happy and excited is so important. Of course you will be going out the two of you, but you will be choosing activities that you both want to do individually. You can do some activities that you know you both love and have done many times that might remind you of positive feelings from different times in your relationship. You could also try some new things and discover different aspects of yourself and your relationship.

Make sure to make your dates a regular thing. You might think this is a great idea and go on a couple dates only to realize six months later that you haven’t kept it up. If you both lead very busy lives, try to schedule your dates at the beginning of every month for example so that you can get the full experience. Having these dates to go out and simply enjoy your time together will help excite your mind and fill your heart. Just the simple act of dressing up can make you feel better about yourself and your future. If you are both putting in equal effort into this process, you will both enjoy the transformation in each other.

A Conversation Starter

Sometimes after being in a relationship for so long, you forget to have deep meaningful conversations and get swept up in the routine of your day-to-day lives. By going out for no other reason than to enjoy your time together, this can give you a chance to talk in a more relaxed and meaningful way. You can reminisce, bring up inside jokes, tell each other about the parts of your day without the other one and discuss big topics in your lives that you have been putting off.

You and your special someone might actually feel perfectly fine with your relationship the way it is. However, if you start to include date nights into your lives, you will probably see a great change that you might not even have expected. Even if the two of you are just enjoying a meal in a restaurant once in a while, it could lead to you treating each other better, pay more attention to each other and look up from that screen a bit more.


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