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Get Huge And Shredded

Get Huge And Shredded

Let’s Break Down How to Build Muscle Mass And Getting Ripped

This article will take you through a two-step process. The first half will cover how you can get Huge and Bulk Up where code boost can help, if you want to read code boost testosterone reviews you can also click here. The latter half will go over how you can get Shredded. You can get Big and Ripped at the same time, but it will take you longer to reach your goal this way.

The key is to break up both goals into two different stages, Doing it this way will get you bigger and more ripped in less time. In both of the steps, you will have to focus on your…

  • Diet and Weight Lifting
  • Building Muscle Mass

Getting huge is the easier of the two steps. First, your diet will consist of more calories than you need a day. This is because you need more calories to build muscles in your workout. These extra calories help in your energy during your workout and help in the recovery of your muscles after your workout.

Your diet should consist of plenty of proteins throughout the day. Make sure you load up on complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are what give you energy. Stay away from the simple carbohydrates though, they will only give you a short burst of energy and you will feel an energy crash in about an hour.

Also, stay away from junk foods including fast foods. They only hamper your progress. Always drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Method of Lifting to Build Muscle

The other part of getting huge is how you lift your weights. You should be lifting heavy weights with little reps and sets in between. Make sure you exhaust your muscles fast with the heavyweights. Increase your weights every week and always push your muscles on every exercise. If you are eating right and give your muscles enough time for rest, you should be able to see great gains in your muscle mass.

Getting Ripped

Now that you have built the muscle, you need to shred off that layer of fat you put on when you were growing muscles. The good news is that now you can lose more body fat faster. This is because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Your Diet Is Critical

Your diet needs to completely change. This might be the hardest part of the entire process. You now need to consume fewer calories than you use. The trick is not to starve yourself, but have more meals. That right, more meals. The key is to have these meals smaller than your usual three-course portions. You will have to consume about 300 calories less than you use a day to see good results. Since it takes 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat, this three hundred calories goal is healthy and you will see results.

You will have to keep the protein levels about the same as when you were getting huge, but now you will have to lower the fat and carbohydrate count lower. Try to cut most of the fats out of your diet. This will be hard but effective. You will not be able to completely erase all fats from your system, just try to lower them as low as possible.

And, the carbohydrates will have to be eaten in the morning and afternoon to give you that energy for your workout. Try to eliminate all fats and carbohydrates at night before you go to bed. Instead, load up on proteins. This will help you burn calories at night when you are recovering from your workout. And as always drink plenty of water.

Method of Lifting Must Now Change

Your workouts will have to change in order for you to get shredded. Instead of lifting heavy weights with low reps and sets, you will now do the opposite. You will lift lighter weights with more reps and sets. You will have to combine different exercises into a giant set to fatigue the muscle and get the muscle defined. Tri sets and Giant Sets are great for this type of getting ripped exercises.

It is also advisable to add some form of cardio into your routine. High-Intensity Interval Training gets the best results for losing weight and keeping the muscle mass you have recently gained.


You must always get huge before you can get shredded. You have to build the muscle and then burn the fat. Building more muscle will help you shed off that layer of fat. Diets play a big role in building Muscle Mass and Getting Ripped.


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