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Get Minecraft For Free

Get Minecraft For Free

One of the main things that you will want to do in Minecraft finds a huge mine. It can sometimes be confusing about how you would find one and this article should help you understand how to do it. So once you have cheap Minecraft accounts at your disposal, you should be able to download Minecraft free and start up the game. Now, you won’t be able to immediately go and find a mine. You will first have to gather some things. This article will only cover the basics of what you will have to do when you first start out.

Once you have started your Minecraft for free, take a look around where you are. You will first want to find a tree and take the wood. To do this is pretty simple, you will just have to walk up to the tree and hold the left mouse button. As you are doing this the tree will break down. They are made up of blocks and you should gather around 10-15 blocks. Ten tree blocks are about the minimum that you will have to gather. After this, you will need to create a workbench. Then you can use the workbench to create some tools that will be needed. The main tools that will be used are pick-axes and shovels but it also makes sense to make a sword. You shouldn’t make a lot of pick-axes that are made completely out of wood. Finding a nice area with stones is a good idea. At this point, you will be able to find coal, which is necessary for lighting in mines. That is just a very brief description of what you will first need to do after you have downloaded Minecraft free.

Where to start your Mine

This is something that you need to take some time when you think about it. This will be your first mine and always a nice place to build up and come back to later in the game. You will want to find a place where you can have a nice house. I personally like a cliff or a house on the water. You can set up a quick building made out of dirt, and you will most likely have to do this because of the creepers that come out at night. It is probably a good idea not to rush all of this. You should spread it out over a few game days and find the perfect location. Just traveling a day in the game changes the scenery.

Now that you have the area you want to set up your house and mine. Go to an area and start digging down. You can take a look at the video to get a better understanding of everything. You will basically dig straight down and not stop. There are a few very simple things to keep in mind.

Important tips for finding a deep Minecraft mine

It wouldn’t be hard for many people to learn the hard way but one thing that you must always prepare for is getting lost and running out of supplies. This can happen easily when you are inside a mine or searching for a new area. It might not sound bad but when you have found a lot of gold a few diamonds. It becomes very nervous when you are not able to find your way out.

A big mistake you can make is sleeping. Doing this will mean that if you die, this is where you will start. If you have traveled for a few Minecraft days and have collected a lot of valuable items. It feels like a disaster when you accidentally sleep in a bed, not realizing that you are going to be very lost from your main house.

A very easy way to find your way back to your house is to create a compass. This will point to the direction of your bed. Meaning that you will need to sleep in a bed to set the point of your house. This is a must when going out on adventures. It’s not very useful when you are inside a Mine and lost.

Video of starting and finding a deep mine

If you take a look at this video. You can see the game is not already started. It’s about 20 minutes long and shows you how you can start the game and find a very deep mine. Nothing in the video was set up and it might take you a little bit longer to find something similar.

To avoid getting lost in the Mine

There are a few different ways you can do this. One is to only place torches on the right side. When you want to exit, follow the path that has torches on the left side. This sounds like the perfect situation and the easiest way. You will still get lost using it. When you change levels and find a lot of different tunnels, you get lost fast. This means if you change levels it is a good idea to lay a few torches around the drop or change. This way you will be able to find your way back up. Another distraction is the monsters inside the mines. Minecraft has a lot of monsters and when you first enter, there will be a lot. Placing torches around the areas will reduce the number next time you visit. However, during the first visit, with monsters chasing you, you can drop to a different level and easily lose your way.

The bare minimum

You will want to have a few pick-axes and a couple of shovels. One weapon and a lot of torches. It is also a good idea to have a lot of wood with you. In case you need to create a workbench, chest, torches, pick-axes, etc.

Overall that is pretty much the basics of finding a deep mine. Watch the video to understand a little bit more about it. You can see that after you download Minecraft free it



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