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Get Targeted Website Traffic While Helping Others

Get Targeted Website Traffic While Helping Others

Here’s another easy way to generate targeted website traffic that not many people seem to know how to use properly. It’s called Yahoo Answers, and it can be a valuable source of free, targeted traffic. However, if you are looking for an express way to boost your online traffic then we recommend to you. 

To get started, simply go to Yahoo Answers and sign up for a free account. Then search for open questions in your niche. Here are a few screenshots of how I would go about finding questions relating to my own subject of website traffic generation:

Use the advanced search feature to find an open question:

Click the search button, and look for open questions. Once I found an open question that I thought I could answer effectively, I would reply to it and leave a simple link back to my site in the resources section of the answer form.

This gives me an always valuable backlink, plus, if it’s a decent answer, people will click on that link and visit my site in order to find out more. These questions and answers often show up at the top of the search engines, so the potential for generating free targeted website traffic is enormous.

There are a variety of subjects to choose from, so you are bound to find something relating to your own particular niche. Answer the questions as thoroughly as you can, and be sure and leave only one link. Any more and you’ll look like your trying to sell something and your answer will be ignored.

Each posted question is open for answers for a set period of time, anywhere from a few days to a week. After this time, all the users get to vote on what they think is the best answer. Having your answer picked as the best will greatly increase your authority as an expert on the subject.

Even better, these questions are available to hundreds of thousands of users and can stay online for a very long time. You could answer a question today, and still, be getting targeted website traffic from it 6 months from now.

This is another tactic that works best over time. The more questions you answer well, the more trust you will gain and the more likely it will be that people will want to follow your link back to your website



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