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Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Program

Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Program

Your exercise program is one of the three key components of a healthy weight loss program. Those three components are regular exercise program, eat a healthy diet and nutritional vitamin supplements. Your exercise program is essential for your weight loss, fitness, and health. You can avoid and fight many diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many others. Not only will your health improve because of your healthy weight loss program, but you will feel better, have more energy and be able to enjoy more of what the abundant life that God freely gives us.

Regular Exercise Program.

Ideally we should all have a minimum of 30 minutes daily of moderate activity like a brisk walk. Additionally, we should add three days a week of resistance or strength training to our exercise program. In general this is aerobic exercise and strength training is what is necessary to lose weight and give you optimal health. We are not suggesting every one push themselves like athletes with a rigorous training regimen. That is for athletes, not us. But it is imperative that we all maintain a regular exercise program.

Moderate Cardio Exercise.

The thirty minutes a day of moderate cardio exercise is good for everyone. You can tell when you are at the right pace when you can still talk while you walk or exercise, but not sing. If you choose to increase your intensity from moderate to vigorous it would help you build endurance and muscle. The intensity of your cardio exercise might move you into the performance zone where you in fact are building muscle which is the area of strength training. This is fine because you get the benefits of both aerobic and strength training. You should just be careful not to over do it. That is why you should consult your physician when embarking on any vigorous physical exercise program.

Strength Training.

Building muscle mass helps you burn fat. Burning fat helps us lose weight and reduce the risk of disease. You reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and many other medical conditions. Even if you are have one of these diseases strength training can help you over come them. Many people, especially women, choose not to engage in strength training because they do not want to be a bulky weight lifter like Mr. America. When I talk about strength training I do not mean bulking up, but converting fat to muscle. You do this by doing many repetitions using lighter weights that help tone your body.

Healthy Lifestyle.

Your healthy weight loss program must include the three elements of eating a healthy diet, regular physical exercise and using nutritional vitamin supplements to support your healthy diet. Your exercise program should include both cardio training and strength training. This is a should be a way of life. When you choose to live a healthy lifestyle you will live a longer, healthier and more abundant life. Adding the best fat burner will do a nice help with no harm.


Weight loss plan is not a one clicks thing. It takes time to get it successful but it takes very less time to gain weight. So, when you plan it you need to prepare your mind that it will take a long time because it no magic. Also, fat burning takes time, and there is no alternative, be it whatever thing you do.


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