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Helpful Tips Fat Shredding Diet For Men

Helpful Tips Fat Shredding Diet For Men

A proper fat shredding diet for men is able to help with decreasing the weight gains – especially for those males over the age of forty. Once this age is hit, testosterone levels begin to decrease and weight gains are able to increase significantly. Some men don’t see this until they are in their 50’s, but who knows exactly each person’s fate? That is why it’s crucial for you as an adult male to keep up the exercise patterns and follow a good shredding diet designed specifically to help men regardless of their age, which is your intelligent bodybuilding article of the day! This is not only going to help you lose the excess fat, but rather turn that excess fat into lean and well-defined muscles as well. Read this article and start shredding your fat in no time.

Foods that you should Consider Eating

Food is the primary source of weight gain for all people. Simply put, if you do not eat healthily then your body responds negatively by getting medical conditions and weight gain. However, by following a simple fat shredding diet for men it’s possible to curve these effects and better yourself in the process. First, you need to take away all desserts and any other snacks that are full of grease, sugar, and salt i.e. potato chips, cake, soda, and even high amounts of alcohol. Alcohol will make your metabolism drop over 70% if you drink too much than a serving per day, which makes weight gain increase even more from the empty calories it contains.

Instead, replace these snacks with nutritious foods such as almonds and oats. Oats are high in fiber, which is carbohydrates, but the good kind. This causes your metabolism to burn more calories and help the rest of your food digest as well. Almonds contain omega-3 fatty acids which help regulate your insulin levels and may prevent any heart disease from forming. They may contain only trace amounts, but they are still a better source for snacking than a doughnut!

Fish do contain a substantially higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids and are a lot lower in calories than other protein foods. Speaking of protein, try to stay away from consuming too much pork and beef, which have significantly higher amounts of calories, plus fat as well. Instead, eat more lean meats such as the breast of chicken and turkey, but no dark meat! Vegetables and fruit should be a given when it comes to having a healthy diet, and you should eat plenty of these. The vitamins and minerals that they contain help your digestive system be maintained healthily and thus will process food better.

Popcorn is a Healthy Snack???

Popcorn, believe it or not, is an intelligent bodybuilding secret to have within your cupboards. Not the buttery and salt-filled movie theater kind, but the whole kernels that you pop on your own. A little butter doesn’t hurt to meet your dietary fat needs, but only a LITTLE. Don’t get too crazy on me now since you can have a little popcorn. This snack item is a whole grain and can count for 1/3 of the daily value needed for an average “ Joe” with 3 cups of popped popcorn. It even contains fiber as well!

How to Curve your Appetite

Your cravings for food are normal just like any other person since the processed foods we are so used to eating contain garbage that makes us want more of it. However, did you know that many of the times you feel hungry you really aren’t? I kid you not; your body does not always know how to tell your mind that you are dehydrated and need water, so instead, it takes on the signal of hunger. The next time you get a craving for food, think about if you need to drink enough water instead because a large portion of people doesn’t drink the necessary amount of water daily!

Supplements can Aid your Fat Shredding Diet for Men

First, remember that supplements do just what their name implies, which is supplementing (aiding) your fat-burning diet and fitness regimen. Sorry, no magic pill is available for you to just shred fat and build muscle in a week. However, BELDT Force Thermogenic is one that I have become quite fond of, and it helped me knock down my body fat percentage while also increasing my energy levels. No jitters or that other nonsense from BELDT! Click here if you wish to try it out, or just want a little more info.

Always remember that you need to also perform exercises as well with a fat-shredding diet for men. Ideally, four days a week at a minimum of moderate weight workouts with high repetitions (10-12 usually will do for reps per set), while also performing cardio such as running after the weight training has been completed. This is going to help shed those extra pounds and turn the weight into lean muscle mass, which is going to give you that nice defined body that you have always wanted to show off. Follow-up each exercise with a lean protein shake to help your muscles recover and repair themselves after being torn from intensive training, or eat foods such as eggs, pork, and beef.


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