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Make Money Online With Rob Sevilla

Make Money Online With Rob Sevilla

If you are planning on opening a website and venturing into the online business of affiliate marketing then there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should follow if you want to make money affiliate marketing. These do’s and don’ts are given as follows.

With the site link, the information about the affiliate marketing is available to the people. The following of the instructions is providing the best results to the people. The dos and don’ts are mentioned at the platform to get the right results.

What should you do when you want to start affiliate marketing?

The first thing you need to start your affiliate marketing venture is to create a website. You should use a WordPress blog to create your own website. This is because WordPress is an easy to use and highly optimized content management system that gives the best result for search engines and allows you to include additional enhancements by using free plugins.

The header for your website should be of high quality. In affiliate marketing it is very important that the potential customers you visit your page have a good perception about it. the header is the first thing that will strike the eyes when someone visits your page, thus if your header is badly designed and lacks luster then you will find your visitors moving away from your page even before checking out your affiliate link.

After the header comes the theme of your blog. You should choose a premium theme for your WordPress blog. Although you can find thousands of themes in the internet for free, it is recommended that you choose a premium theme. Usually these themes have a good interface, include support, easy to use and help to load faster.

It is very important that you optimize your website’s on-page SEO. Even though off-page SEO activities such as link building and promotion are more powerful than on-page SEO, you should not neglect on page SEO. You should make sure that you homepage is optimized along with your images, pages and posts.

What should you do to avoid affiliate marketing?

You should not put affiliate marketing links or banners all over your website. When a visitor comes to your website and sees a huge number of banner advertising, adsense and pop-up they get confused where to click and what to do. At the max you should choose two banners per page so that it is easier for your visitors to understand the page.

You should not make the header on your page too big, otherwise the content on your page will be pushed further down and people will have difficulties in reading your content. You should remember that you the format of your page should be such that the content of your page is easily readable and the links are visible.

The above tips can come of help to you if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. For more affiliate marketing tips, get a FREE copy 0f my master affiliate marketing guide.



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