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Medical Spa Vs Day Spa – What Are the Major Differences Between Them?

Medical Spa Vs Day Spa – What Are the Major Differences Between Them?

Sometimes going to the spa can really make you feel more positive and full of energy. A spa is the best place where you can enjoy a wonderful rejuvenation of your mind and let your body relax. The different services that are available at a spa helps your body and mind to get rid of the stress and anxiety. However, in recent times, the concept of a spa has changed drastically. Medical spas are taking the world by storm and we can come across one in every city you are living in. These spas are very different from the traditional day spas that many people are accustomed to visiting.

So, what are the major differences between them? How can they help you? Let’s discuss everything about spas in today’s blog.

What To Expect From a Day Spa?

The traditional spas that have existed for a long time in the industry, day spas offer personal care and treatment that are directed towards the improvement of your beauty & health. The most common services that you can enjoy in a day spa includes pedicures, manicures, facials, massage, mud wraps, aromatherapy, etc. Some big and popular day spas also offer more advanced services like lava stone massage and reflexology as well. All of these are done to offer you with a rejuvenating experience. Other than that, basic services like makeup, hairstyle and hair salon are also provided at a day spa.

Day spas are usually not under the supervision of any certified medical doctor or director. The treatments are however conducted by trained experts and nurses. Some of the day spa also hires licensed masseurs who have been trained for hours to deliver the best massage. The overall ambience and environment in a day spa is cheerful and really positive. You can feel really good and communicate with others. This in turn reduces the overall stress and anxiety.

What To Expect From a Medical Spa?

When compared to day spas, medical spas are more advanced and technologically ahead of them. Medical spas are more likely to offer you a more sophisticated experience because they make use of brilliant equipment and other innovative procedures. Medical spa are also much more revamped in terms of their interiors and can help to deliver a far better service. The most common services that are found in a med spa includes Micro-Needling, Skin Lightening, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Facials & medical grade skincare for everyone who has the ability to afford any of these top services.

Medical spas have a very subtle and peaceful environment all around their property. The people visiting here can really get a peace of mind whenever they pay a visit. Med spas are presided over by certified and licensed doctors or recognized medical directors. The overall services that are offered in a medical spa are more dependent on advanced equipment. The need for manual help is not so essential here.

So, here are the top differences between a med spa and a day spa. You can get in touch with [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Theresa Camden and book an appointment.



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