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Natural Bodybuilding Supplements Category

Natural Bodybuilding Supplements Category

Natural bodybuilding is essentially bodybuilding without the involvement of pro-hormones or steroids. However, not using pro-hormones or steroids is not an indication that there are no supplements available that offer great results without any side effects or risks. These days, the majority of available natural bodybuilding supplements include repeated blends of the same ingredients but with different marketing labels. The ingredients are protein, creatine, amino acids, and energy-boosting supplements like herbal stimulants and caffeine. This is why with minimal test rx side effects, it is one of the most popular supplements out there in the market. 

To even further simplify a regimen of natural bodybuilding supplements, pre-workout supplements and creatine will be left out because a number of individuals experience negative side effects after taking creatine. In fact, creatine has been known to also cause kidney damage. It should be noted that energy stimulants are not required for bodybuilding; however, they can be helpful prior to work out to boost endurance and energy. However, a number of individuals experience unfavorable side effects when they use stimulant-based supplements in their program.

This article will only focus on natural bodybuilding supplements that categorically have no associated risks or side effects. Fortunately, these are the same supplements that will provide bodybuilders with the best results and they are the most vital when it comes to muscle building and workout recovery.

There are three supplements in the spotlight and they are protein powder, glutamine, and BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids. Every one of these supplements is closely related to the other. Protein powder is essentially chains of amino acids that are bonded together, while glutamine and BCAAs are two amino acid groups that form the protein chains. Therefore, natural bodybuilding supplements are essentially just amino acids used to assist in the process of muscle building.

Protein Powder

Three main varieties of protein powder are available and they are highlighted below:

Protein Complex

In order to consolidate a protein supplement into something that contains both casein protein and whey protein, bodybuilders can purchase what is referred to as a protein complex. These protein complexes provide a great method of simplifying the supplement stack while receiving several sources of high-quality protein that can be consumed at any time throughout the day.

Casein Protein

This type of protein is slow acting and one of its primary purposes is to assist the body in recovering from strenuous workouts like resistance training. The value of taking a slow-acting protein lies in its capacity to stay in the system longer, thus creating an anabolic effect. Whenever the body does not have the required amount of protein to synthesize, the body enters a catabolic state and this will result in muscle tissue being broken down. Casein protein will assist the body in avoiding ever entering a catabolic state and this is done by keeping the protein in the system and making it readily available for extended periods of time.

Whey Protein

This protein powder is an extremely fast-acting and high-quality type of protein that is best consumed immediately before a workout and right afterward. The body utilizes this protein to mend damaged muscle fibers, thus increasing muscle strength and size. The value of the protein is an indication of the inclusiveness of the amino acid profile. There is no type of protein available that has a comprehensive amino acid profile comparable to whey protein.


This is a tremendously potent anti-catabolic agent and glutamine aids the body in more quickly recovering from workouts and it keeps the body in a state of anabolic readiness. The specialty of glutamine lies in its healing properties. The healing properties of glutamine are so potent that it is even utilized in hospitals as a treatment for burn victims. In addition, the healing effects work on damaged muscle fibers to assist in rebuilding these fibers following vigorous workouts. Glutamine is renowned for being a conditionally vital amino acid.

This is an indication that the body has the capacity to produce an adequate amount of glutamine to satisfy its regular needs; however, extreme stress, such as the type that would be experienced after an injury or very strenuous exercise, means that the body may require a larger quantity of glutamine than it is able to produce.

If the levels of glutamine are low during training, the body will begin to break down muscle as a means of getting back glutamine. Two-thirds or approximately 67 percent of the free-form amino acids found inside the muscle tissue comprise glutamine. This is an indication of just how vital glutamine is when it comes to the existence of muscle.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

The outstanding one-third or 33 percent of free-form amino acids found inside the muscle tissue comprise branched-chain amino acids. This is yet another indication of how vital amino acids are. BCAAs are made up of valine, isoleucine and leucine. It is not possible for a protein to be synthesized by the body without leucine. It is extremely vital to supplement branched-chain amino acids because they fall within the classification of essential amino acids.

There are a total of nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the body. It is crucial to acquire these essential amino acids by way of supplementation and diet. In addition to that, exercise could boost the BCAA requirement. There is no essential amino acid that is more essential than the BCAAs. Without the appropriate intake of BCAAs, muscle growth will totally stop. Without the use of BCAAs, protein will not be able to synthesize and without the synthesization of protein, muscles cannot be built.

In essence, required supplements for workout recovery and muscle building involve a first-class protein complex, glutamine, and branched-chain amino acids. The next time a glorified bodybuilding supplement becomes available on the market, check the ingredients. It is guaranteed that there will be at least one of the previously mentioned supplements among the ingredients.

There is no need for bodybuilding supplementation to be complicated. Actually, the simpler it is, the more effective it will be. By only focusing resources and attention on the supplements that will supply the greatest outcome, you will be able to maximize your results and simplify your life.


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