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Popular Liposuction Without Surgery Techniques

Popular Liposuction Without Surgery Techniques

With liposuction without surgery we refer to a non-surgical reduction of localized fat, sometimes called more simply, liposuction without surgery. It may sound strange, liposuction has always been associated to surgery, but it exists, it works, contraindications are few (but important) and the results are exciting.

The [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]best plastic surgeons near me can provide the information about liposuction. The gathering of the information about the liposuction is essential to have desired results. The results are available through  a slim and healthy body. It is a better choice available to patients.

On of the most requested and performed liposuction without surgery is ultrasonic cavitation. It is a very effective technology when practiced by trained hands. A device generates low frequency ultrasound that, when applied on the targeted areas with a handheld, can liquefy body fat through a phenomenon well known in physics, called “cavitation”. Fat cells are torn apart and liquefied fat is naturally disposed by the body through the lymphatic system and the urinary tract. There’s no need to surgically extract the fat or to use scalpel or cannulas, hence the name “liposuction without surgery”. It can be applied on several body parts (thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, buttocks, knees …). The session lasts an hour, after which the the doctor re-measures the treated part. It seems loss can be up to 2 cm and more.

Anyone can submit to this treatment, men and women, except for certain types of patients: those suffering from severe hepatic or renal problems, undergone to cardiac transplant, with pace-makers or suffering from thrombosis and / or active thrombophlebitis or vascular disease, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those carrying large metal implants.

A full treatment involves more than one session. Let’s say three to six sessions depending on the patient and the adiposity in the area to be treated. Compared to liposuction, needless to say, this is a much less invasive procedure. In fact, not invasive at all and totally painless.

Which are the costs this new liposuction technique? The cost, compared to traditional liposuction, is greatly reduced. The average is $500 per session, but you can take advantage of promotions and get it for $400. If you pay in advance for the full treatment, you can probably get 20% off.

Is the fat removed for ever? Unfortunately, no. As with liposuction, it’s eliminated for a period. It will certainly not appear again if you follow a proper diet and work out a bit, though. Always remember also that all kind of liposuctions are not methods to lose weight but methods to reshape the body and have a more balanced and neat figure.



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