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Prohibition Dead Long Live Legalization – Know About The Legalization

Prohibition Dead Long Live Legalization – Know About The Legalization

This is it folks! It’s over! By the time you read this in print, as in – ink and paper – it will be really over! That is my humble prediction for 2014.

You can know about the legalization of the dead prohibition of the hemp products at the reputed site. You can find this information as beneficial for the people. The getting of the desired results is possible for the people. Ensure that the legal status is available to the cannabis products to have a good health.

With this upcoming election seasons’ Cannabis and Hemp legalization initiatives in various states, most, if not, all of them, should pass. Why? Because in learning from the past, the initiatives now are better worded and the percentage of ‘legalizers’ has progressively moved up in the last year and is now in uncontested and firm majority territory.

In the continental USA, the confirmed percentage of people in favor of marijuana legalization is 52% But, this number is dated and now that this information is out, we can safely assume that, because of the swing-voters, we are currently in the upper fifties, say 55% in the mid-west (with the exception of CO) up to 62% in California.

The graph above illustrates the numbers over the years as measured by Gallup. We can see prohibitionists peak right in the hippie era at the end of the 60’s, when only government disinformation about marijuana was available and no science was done to show any benefits.

But then, after 3 decades we see the momentum of people in favor of legalization, continue. The onset of AIDS, spurred more research and marijuana was used to stop people from wasting away and keep them up-beat. More anecdotal evidence and research started coming in, also from abroad, showing the benefits of cannabis/marijuana. The internet made mass-dissemination of this new information quickly available to the public.

Soon marijuana myths from the Nixon-era propaganda were scientifically dis-proven, example; “marijuana causes brain damage” When it actually does the opposite; cannabinoids repair the brain tissue and are able to generate new cells (auto genesis). Marijuana is also completely non-toxic and it leaves no permanent damage to the user. Marijuana is physiologically not addictive. I could go on, but lastly, Dr. Donald Tashkin in one of the largest clinical research to date regarding cannabis/marijuana (Los Angeles, California, USA), has proven that marijuana use actually lowers one’s chances of contracting cancer.

I could go on and say that cannabis/marijuana cures cancer, but I will not go that far, here. There is anecdotal evidence surrounding Rick Simpson’s ‘hemp’ oil; look for it on the internet, on youtube and on There is also a very good scientific article on this subject published in Nature Magazine by Dr. Manuel Guzman from Madrid, Spain. You can find this also on our sister website

And so, my last argument for legalization winning in the end is that starting in California, more people are recognizing and embracing the medicinal and calming properties of this herb. People on the west-coast and in Colorado are drinking less (addictive) alcohol and getting off their (addictive) prescription drugs. I know this must be horrible news for big pharma, but for society and people in general this is a good thing, if not, a great thing!

Back to the graph above. After the inevitable cross-over that is now behind us, from the beginning of 2013. We are now in “Game Over” territory! We, the people are finally getting it; we have been getting the run-around in the ‘war on (certain) drugs.’ The internet, more research, and diseases have helped us make that realization and conclusion!

A well informed public that knows what is good for itself, not special interests and not propaganda. We don’t need more prescription drugs that are addictive and/or have side effects and most often, are lethal. Instead of alcohol we can re-create with cannabis/marijuana, an herb that is non-toxic and non-addictive!



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