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Rapid Muscle Growth In Bodybuilding

Rapid Muscle Growth In Bodybuilding

For anyone who wants to maximize Rapid Muscle Growth while Bodybuilding and ensure gaining the most muscle in every workout will have to focus on the following key points…

  • Workout Intensity
  • Continuous Progress
  • Muscle Confusion
  • Diet
  • Rest and Recovery

Workout Intensity

How hard you push yourself in every workout will have an affect on how much muscle you gain. My article on High Intensity Interval Training my help here. However, there is a point where you can push your muscles too far. When working out, you should feel a pump in your muscles. When reaching this pump feeling, you don’t want to push it too much harder. One way you can tell when you pushed you muscles too far is if you feel soreness in that particular muscle for the next couple of days.

Once you learn the correct intensity level, then the next step you need to take is to improve each exercise from the previous week. Progress is very important to the growth of muscles. If you don’t have any progress from week to week, you will not see any results.

Continuous Progress

You can improve your progress by increasing the weight or doing more reps or sets then you did the previous week. The funny thing about progress is it is easier to progress in the beginning but for most of us is harder to progress when we’ve been doing it for awhile. This is because once you have been doing the same thing over and over, your muscles will become adaptive to the routine and growth will become harder. One way to bypass this plateau is to do a system called Muscle Confusion.

For a consistent workout and instant effect, it is better if the routine includes a power booster. Yes, a supplement like Testo Max would be beneficial to supply the best nutrients and also aid with improved stamina. It is better you buy Testo Max and implement it to get effective performance results with a toned body at the end. The endurance and agility also multiply effectively. 

Confuse Those Muscles

Muscle Confusion is a system which allows you to bust through a bodybuilding plateau by changing up your routine over a period of time, such as from week to week.

When you hit a plateau, your body will start to slow your growth on your muscles because it is used to the stress of that particular exercises. If you hit the same muscle but attack it at a different angle wholesale replica rolex datejust mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 126233 automatic two tone or by doing different motions, you will confuse the muscle into grow again. For more information about breaking your bodybuilding plateau, read my article Info On Breaking Your Bodybuilding Plateau


Your diet plays a big role in the growth of your muscles. Make sure you eat plenty of protein throughout the day. Protein is what the muscles are made from. Carbohydrates are also important. Eating carbohydrates before you do you workout will give your body energy to do your exercises. It is the best form of energy that comes from food. Also, do not forget to take in your daily amount of fatty acids. When building muscle mass, fat can help. Just eat the right kind and don’t eat too much of it. Again, here are a few of my articles which may be of interest…

  • Foods For Muscle Growth
  • Foods for Fast Metabolism
  • Post Exercise Nutrition
  • Rest and Recovery

The final thing you need to do to have rapid muscle growth is allow enough time after workouts for rest. Recovery is a key part of muscle growth. If you workout everyday with the same muscles, you will not grow. In fact you will shrink your muscles. Allow around 48 to 72 hours before you workout the same muscle group.


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