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The Death Tarot Card – The learning of the tarot cards 

The Death Tarot Card – The learning of the tarot cards 

Death is the thirteenth card of the Major Arcana in tarot. It shows a skeleton knight in black armor on the white horse. He is holding a black banner with a white flower on it. There are dead and dying people from all social classes around the rider, which tells us that to death everyone is equal. In the background we can see the setting sun between the two pillars. It is claimed to be a symbol of immortality. Death is predominated by Scorpio. Its numerical value is twelve.

The amazonite meaning is essential for the understanding the symbols in order to understand immorality. The collection of the details about them is also beneficial so that you will get the best value in your life. There is meeting of the needs and requirements with learning the working of the tarot cards. 

Though death is usually associated with ending something, it is also the beginning of something new. It might be understood as completing a chapter in your life, bringing to a close an unfinished business. It may seem scary, as ending something we know and got used to means that something new is about to come, something unknown. However, nothing lasts forever and sometimes you have to leave your past behind and move on. The changes will be major. The ending phase in your life has already served its purpose and it is time for transformation.

However, it is not the card of destruction. Death is connected with transition you have to go through. It is about changing status, being in the middle and waiting for the uknown. Some versions of the card show a river, which is a symbol reminding us that life will go on, no matter what happens. Another symbol is the sun, shining constantly, regardless of the dying people around. Even the physical death of human is interpreted as transformation – the soul is immortal. The sun can be also interpreted as the symbol of resurrection. All in all, there is no reason to be afraid. Fighting it is also pointless. The changes are inevitable, but also beneficial. This reminds us of the Hanged Man – sometimes you just have to let go.

Tarot cards interpretation says that Death is also connected with eliminating excess. In order to make space for new things, you have to cut out those, which are not necessary anymore. It is about getting rid of the old attitudes and getting back to basics. Death focuses on what’s most important, the essentials.

Death represents inexorable forces. You can’t beat them, so there is no point in struggle. The only thing you can do is to accept what Fate brings. Remember that you cannot avoid it, so it is better to stay vulnerable and wait for the right moment to step in.

When Death appears in tarot cards reading, it is a sign of major changes that are about to influence your life. Usually it is connected with something in your life, maybe some attitide that is not needed anymore. Perhaps it is even harmful for you, but you hold on to it and can’t let it go. The thirteenth Major Arcana card forces you to give up old habits and accept the changes. It helps you to believe that these changes are for your own good. Everyone needs renewal from time to time, and now it is time for you.

Death also warns you of too high expectations, fear, revenge and intolerance. Before you transform, you have to look back and get rid of all the negativity to make space for the positive changes that will help you to regenerate. It is not easy. As we all know, old habits die hard, but without this examination of conscience it is impossible to move forward. You have to realise that the best thing you can do for yourself is to set your soul free and let it fulfill with the new energy.

The reversed position of Death means sleep, lethargy, inertia, petrifaction, somnambulism. In addition to that, it also stands for exhaustion (mental, physical or emotional), which is connected with the agonising part of transition. Unlike the uprigh position, the reversed one is associated with the inability or refusal to face fear and changes. Sometimes when you are too afraid of the changes, you try to avoid or fight them. As the basic interpretation says, these actions are pointless and therefore with that attitude the changes will be painful and unpleasant. This position of Death is also associated with the destroyed hope. However, sometimes we hope for things that would have bad influence on our life, so it is better that they never happen.


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