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The New Map of Ragnarok Online: What do you need to Know?

The New Map of Ragnarok Online: What do you need to Know?

Ragnarok online is one of the best games ever created. As a matter of fact, there are millions of players across the globe who are really into this game. One of the best things about Ragnarok is that it continuously updating and innovating.

With a final big update that introduces a whole new area to the world of Rune Midgard, Ragnarok Online ends in 2020.

As we wind down in 2020, with their last updates of the year, gamers from around the world are all getting ready for the holidays. That means a massive update that adds a whole new map, new quests, and new tattoos and armor for Ragnarok Online, one of the oldest and longest-running MMORPGs in history.

The new addition to Ragnarok Online is Port Malaya. Port Malaya, a small coastal town on the southern edge of Rune-Midgard, is heavily impacted by the culture of Southeast Asia (think Malaysia and the Philippines).

The town is typically an idyllic little village, but the town and its inhabitants have been put in mortal danger by a “series of supernatural events” Thanks to a message in a bottle that begs the player to visit Port Malaya and try to solve whatever weirdness is going on, you just find out.

Travel to Alberta to enter Port Malaya and find the Optamara Crew at Coordinates 237,71. For 10,000 Zeny, he’ll take you to Malaya, just make sure that you can afford the fare. Then speak to the guard in the port to gain entry.

In addition to the new map, there are also several new monsters that are also based on folklore from Southeast Asia. Like the Wakwak, a Philippine mythological vampire bird creature, or the Tikbalang, a horse-headed demon that likes to trick unwary travelers into getting lost.

In Port Malaya, three new tattoos and a new armor package can be found, so be sure to check out the vendors. And the capital city of Prontera was absolutely covered with Christmas themes, so don’t forget to check out the capital for a little holiday cheer.

Port Malaya’s latest map is heavily based on the culture of South East Asia, adding to the game the creatures and features of local folklore. Players will help islanders battle evil spirits and supernatural creatures, participate in an iconic festival and get traditional tattoos that offer unique advantages to their characters.

There are still plenty of presents. A free theme hat in the launcher will add to any account in the game the classic holiday spirit. When attempting to get the extra rare object, a 25 percent drop rate boost will help players out. And a regular attendance event would ensure that everyone is compensated for just logging into the game every day.

Overall, philippines ragnarok online is taking its game to a whole new next level. As fanatic players of Ragnarok, you must be very excited and happy to see this new map!



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