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Things To Learn About The Artistic Landscaping Ottawa

Things To Learn About The Artistic Landscaping Ottawa

Patios & Patio Designs Before you get involved in a patio design project, it is important to understand the time and energy it will take to complete the project. Of course, once your patio is complete, it can add a great deal of beauty and even value to your home.

The artistic landscaping Ottawa designs and ideas are impressive and interesting for the individuals. The completion of the project is through the skills to have effective results. The beauty of the home is increasing with impressive ideas and designs for home. The completion of the project is easy and simple for people.

It is fairly traditional for patios to be made out of concrete, but in recent years, flagstone and brick patios have become extremely popular patio designs. They provide an updated, contemporary look that goes beautifully with a stone or brick home.

If you are serious about working on a patio design do it yourself project, here are some helpful tips for getting you started right. Materials For Your Patio The first thing to do is determine what kind of materials and how much you will need. Carefully consider how much of the backyard you will want to cover with your concrete, brick, or flagstone patio designs. It is best to mark the ground with spray paint or another device so that you can measure the length and width of the area before purchasing materials. Keep in mind that you will need to measure differently if you are using an area that narrows or widens or if you want your stone patio designs to include a unique geometric shape.

Patio designs vary in shape and size so you will have to purchase materials needed for the sand bed, or base material, depending on whether you are using concrete, brick or flagstone . It is best to consider enough sand to cover 1 inch thick across the entire bottom of your planned patio design area, but you may want to consider more, especially if you live in a cold climate zone. You will also need sand to fill the cracks if you are using patio pavers for paver patio designs, brick or stone for stone patio designs.

Your next step will be a trip to purchase the materials. Once you decide on the style of brick or stone for your design, determine the size, and then a supplier or store manager can help you to determine exactly how many bundles of brick or stone you need or how many tons of cement, gravel or sand as your base material for your patio landscaping. Remember to include extra patio pavers , bricks or stone in case you need spares or need to cut some of them to fit correctly. The same goes for concrete or sand, just in case something goes wrong with mixing.


One of the most important parts about getting your patio design right is excavating correctly. This will help to ensure an even patio that will hold up under the weather.

Before you get started with digging, you should always call your local utility company to check the placement of cables and electrical wires. Another important factor to consider before excavating is the slope, or grade, of the home and how water will drain once the patio is in place. The most important factor to consider is that the water will drain away from the home and that there is at least a ¼ inch slope for every foot of patio going away from the home.

There are two basic ways to begin excavation. One requires simply removing the grass in the desired area and constructing a frame from 2 by 4s to contain the sand and stone until in place. The other will require digging and removing sod approximately 2 ½-4 inches deep, depending on the leveling of the yard and the house. You will also need to take into consideration the thickness of the stones or brick if you are planning to work with brick or stone patio designs.

After the excavation is complete, you will move on to beginning the process of laying the base materials and actually laying the concrete, brick or stone if you are using flagstone patio designs!


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