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Tips to loose weight loss 

Tips to loose weight loss 

Trusting solely on eating the right “Foods To Lose Body Fat” is a diet myth many advertisers of weight loss products would like you to believe you could do. All they are doing is telling people what they want to hear…..a very good sales technique. It is common that people do not want to hear that they have to do things they don’t want to do, like exercise. Many advertisers often exploit this emotion to convince their clients to purchase their products.

Let’s face it, those people enjoying exercise in this world are in the minority and by telling people that they can lose body fat strictly by eating certain foods, may well be regarded a very appealing option by many. The hard reality however is that exercise is equally important to dieting in the process of shedding body fat. Exercise may be even more important for some people.

Maintaining a healthy balance between exercise and a healthy diet has always proved to be the most successful way of approaching any weight loss/fat loss program. In short, it all boils down to balancing energy intake(food) with energy usage (exercise) which is a law of nature that cannot be changed. All successful fat burning/weight loss programs are designed to comply with this natural law in some way or another and will always be attempting to correct any disturbances to this balance.

But what foods should you eat to lose body fat?

It is as important to eat the right things as it is to avoid the wrong things. Obviously if we want to lose fat we need to eat a low fat diet. Additionally, our bodies require high fiber. The best high fiber low fat diet is this. Eat 9 or more servings of fresh organic fruit and vegetables daily. Eat whole grains, nuts and beans. Drink plenty of water. Drink natural tea like Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Pu-er Tea. Drink fresh Juice.

Avoid fatty meats. Limit lean meat, fish and poultry to no more than 10% of your daily calories. You can get all of the protein you need from small portions of lean meat, fish and poultry without the excess fat. Avoid refined sugar and refined flour. Cut out completely drinking soda and alcoholic beverages (except maybe a little red wine).

If you are less of a diet and exercise person, no worries, for there are some splendid fat burners for men in the market. You can assuredly use them under your physician’s guidance, for they are purely natural ingredients and help you energise rather than shed off the mass. Using the supplements with little effort in dietary change would surely hit the issue for a rigid solution. 

This will give you a good start to healthy weight loss. Exercise is a mandatory part of sustained and permanent weight loss and we must not neglect to burn the fat we have as well as eating less fat.


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