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Tummy Fat Ways To Lose It

Tummy Fat Ways To Lose It

Tummy fat is a problem affecting a lot of people, this article will show you how to get rid of tummy fat.

Why do we gain tummy fat in the first place.? As individuals we more than likely point the finger at our poor eating habits and the lack of exercise in our lives. To a large extent this may be true, however there are other factors that we need to look at in order to begin to get rid of that unwanted belly fat. The top nutritionists and fitness experts agree that some of the reasons for tummy fat is genetic, other reasons include the menopause, stress (when stressed the glands make too much of the hormone named “cortisol” causing too much sugar by your liver)The result is that you will feel hungry even though you may have eaten and you will want to eat again. The ageing process plays a part also, our digestive systems go a little crazy, our metabolism slows down which leads to excess tummy fat.

There have also been expert opinions to the effect that eating food late at night affects our metabolism which, in turn, causes excess fat to get stored in places like the tummy. They say that digestive activity slows down when we are sleeping. To give our system enough time to properly digest food, give it at three hours from your last meal before you retire for the night.

Two types of Body Shape

There are two types of bodies shapes, namely the pear shape and the apple shape. The fat is deposited in the hips and thighs of a pear shaped body, and in the tummy or midsection area of the apple shaped body.

Tummy fat can be a pain to get rid of and it can take a long time.

Tummy fat in women

Women of all ages encounter hormonal variations and imbalances prior to the menopause; this frequently causes unwanted weight gain round the tummy. Women have a tendency to gain and retain stomach excess fat perhaps from a number of pregnancies and cesarean deliveries, which lead to fragile ab walls and abdominal muscles. Leading a non-active way of life can cause putting on weight. Genetics also plays an element as to the place you may well carry this fat — your body’s genes determine if your physique is apple- or pear-shaped. You will hold extra weight about your tummy when you’ve got an apple-shaped physique.

Tummy fat in men

Family genes also play a role in identifying whether or not men hold extra fat about the stomach. Having said that, by far the most likely element why adult men have excessive belly fat is lack of exercise, according to the Mayo Medical center. When you lose muscular mass, it becomes body fat, which increases the levels of fat tissue that currently

The Denver post believes that there are a few ways to fast track your weight loss and get results that matter, with a healthy diet and by incorporating discipline in terms of exercising and other weight loss activities you can see tangible results.

are present. Muscle reduction from a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with taking in unwanted unhealthy calories, results in stomach fat.

Your Diet

Your diet likely plays a role in adding excess pounds if you aren’t eating healthy foods. Avoid processed foods, such as cakes, cookies, crackers, pretzels and pastries. They often contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which increases your cholesterol, as well as your risk of developing coronary artery disease, visceral fat and diabetes. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats can help you lose abdominal fat. Replace your unhealthy eating habits with smarter choices. For instance, snack on carrot sticks instead of a bag of chips. Replace soda with a glass of low-fat milk or water. Small changes can help you shed excess pounds.

Understand how to lose tummy fat

Understanding how to shed tummy body fat by burning it away without burning up the muscles is a crucially important. In contrast to popular opinion, getting rid of stomach fat doesn’t commence with doing exercises, but in your kitchen whenever you make foods. Finding out how to lose tummy fat begins with the diet plan initially followed by workout routines.

There are a variety of exercise sessions you can look at, but taking in the proper food can supercharge how much quicker you are able to obtain the type of stomach muscles you desire. You can discover how to reduce belly weight by altering your eating plan initially, and after that your workout program next. The American College Of Sports Medicine does recommend at least one to one and a half hours of cardio exercises for up to 5 days a week to help remove tummy fat.

The food that you eat

If the quantity of food that you consume is bigger compared to the fat laden calories you burn off it won’t make any difference how much you’re working out, you are going to put on tummy and excess fat. Rather than 2-3 substantial dishes every day, spread your intake into 4-6 small meals. Incredibly important is the place you get those unhealthy calories from, as well as take in healthy food that work well to get rid of excess fat.

I recommend you eat lean meat, low fat dairy products, eggs, tons of fruit and vegetables plus some high fiber foods (oatmeal or porridge).You must empty your kitchen of all processed food as they contain far too much fat and chemicals.

Your body will adjust to the healthier food and you will stop feeling hungry, it is important to reward yourself with a little treat once a week.

There are no shortcuts to removing tummy fat, a following a structured plan is best. Start by looking at the food that you eat, pick an exercise program that fits in with your lifestyle, plus drinks lot’s of water (this will help to flush all the bad toxins from your body)

Exercise Plan

If you own a treadmill, pick a performance program for about half an hour, this will help you to lose up to 300 calories during that time. If you are a gym member there are a number of machines that you can use to get rid of tummy fat. For example,

  • Captain’s Chair
  • Exercise Bike
  • Rowing Machine
  • Seated Crunch Machine

If you are under time pressure get an exercise mat on the floor and practice doing sit-ups. I know that this is really hard to do but is very effective in tightening up the stomach muscles and removing tummy fat.

By joining a yoga or Pilates class you will get encouragement from other members and help each other along the way.

Swimming is another fantastic way to remove tummy fat, do as many lengths of the pool as you can.

Try to go for a brisk walk or run each day, make sure that you get into a regular exercise routine.

Click here for some more interesting facts on how to lose tummy fat.


In conclusion, getting rid of that tummy fat is down to the individual. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but as I said earlier make a plan stick to it and you will be rewarded with a flatter stomach and an improvement in your health.


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