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Types of watch straps, which are commonly used by everyone

Types of watch straps, which are commonly used by everyone

The watch strap is one of the essential things for your look. This is because if you have worn a good suit and have worn an old watch with an unattractive strap, then it will ruin your whole look. The watch straps look like a small thing, but it plays a big role in our lives. With the upgrading styles of watches, people also have started wearing different types of straps with them, some of them even have a big collection of them as they want to wear them on different occasions and with different outfits.

There are so many types of watches and straps in the market, but some are commonly used by the people, such as leather, silicon, apple watch bands series 3stainless steel, and so on. Let’s discuss some of them.

Aviator strap

The aviator straps are a kind of specially designed straps which are mostly used by the pilot’s as it is made for the pilot watches. These aviator straps became more popular and are more used in pilot watches after world war 2. These are designed mostly for the pilots so that they can be easily worn on their jackets and gloves. You will most of the time see these straps in the brown color as pilots wear them with the black colored dial. This is also a kind of style as if pilots wear an unusual color or material of strap with their uniform; then they will not look good in it. These straps are made of leather and are thicker as compared to normal leather straps. If you are searching for a bold and militaristic look, then add the aviator strap to your watch, and you will be done with it. 

Jewelry bracelet

The jewelry bracelets are for ladies. This is because ladies add jewelry according to their outfits, and they just match it with them to look good. There are so many types of jewelry bracelets that can be added to your watches and will take the place of your heavy bangles. With these bracelets, you need not wear any other thing like with the jewelry you have to. There are so many designs of these straps and dials; you can also even make one of your choice with your favorite metal. 

Bund strap

The bund strap is related to the aviation strap; this is because it is also made especially for the use of pilots. This also came into the limelight at the time of world war 2. At the time of war, there was some fire in the plane, and the plot’s hand got burned due to the heat of the metal dial. After that, these bund straps were designed by some companies, which are even below the dial also. This is done to save the pilot’s wrists from burning at the time of some hazardous situation. These straps are made from fine leather, which will not get burned at the time of the fire and will be warm in the high-altitude area. These straps will also prevent the sweat from reaching the dial, which will be helpful in reducing the cost of repairing. These straps are also used by Hollywood celebrities, and they can also be used by people who have an allergy to metals. 

Link bracelet

The link bracelets are one of the most commonly used straps by people. People mostly use it with the formals, and it will give a tremendous look with your suit. These bracelets give a good and formal look to a person. These bracelets are made with stainless steel most of the time, and there are small links joined together in them. You can make these bracelets of any metal you want to. 

Engineer Bracelet

These bracelets are kind of bulky in shape. This is because these are made up of five links joined together. Because of these, they give a masculine look to a person. These bracelets are thick and heavy in nature, due to which you will feel very heavy on your wrist in the very beginning. You will also feel somewhat uncomfortable when you will start wearing it, but after some time, you will get habitual of it. These bracelets will look good with large-sized dials. As you know its nature, they will not get broken very easily and will be with you for even the whole life because of their amazing durability.


There are so many types of watch straps in the market which are designed for different purposes. These straps also come in different metals and can also be designed according to your choice. Some of the most commonly used straps are discussed above, which are the Aviator strap, Jewellery bracelet, Bund strap, Link bracelet, and Engineer Bracelet. These straps will give a different look to your style and are budget-friendly, and you can choose any one of them.


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