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Want Your Pickleball Game To Be The Biggest Hit? Use The Pro Tips For The Best Serve!

Want Your Pickleball Game To Be The Biggest Hit? Use The Pro Tips For The Best Serve!

There are many sports, and when we want to play or do our best at them, it is very important to learn the basics. With the help of proper knowledge of the game, it will be easy to know what we need to do and how to step up to the wins. While playing badminton, tennis or Pickleball, it is very important to know how to serve. 

A serve is such a basic shot, and if a person has aced their game at serving, there is nothing that can stop him from making a good shot. It is the start of the game, and it is when we make an impression on the game. So if the serve goes well and turns out to be a good shot, the opponent will surely feel that the player is a good one and gets intimidated. 

What are the keys techniques to give the best serve? 

When it comes to the serve, we also need to keep a check of one another thing. So guess what it is going to be? Can’t put the finger on it? It is the paddle. The paddle has to be the best one, and it has to compliment the player and the way he plays. We can select the best one with the help of the onix pickleball paddles review as it will be the best choice and will give a great kick start to the game. 

Before we get to the serve’s techniques, we need to know some basic things about it. While we are making the serve, it has to be an underhand serve. Those people who cannot understand it just know that it is the opposite of the serve that we do when we play tennis. The Pickleball serve has to be below the navel at the time of the contact. Here are some rules for that,

  1. The arm has to move upward, forming an arc. In this, we have to know that during the serve, we can hit the ball with any movement as it can be a forehand or a backhand one. 
  2. The highest point of the head of the paddle has to be under the wrist. To be precise, it has to be under the highest point of the wrist.

These were the rules that we need to know when it comes to the hitting of the shot. But it is not the end of it yet, and we also need to know about the foot placement at this time. The way we place the foot while serving is as important as the serve, so yes, it is crucial that you know it, and we tell it. 

When we contact the Pickleball and the paddle, we must keep a foot on the ground and behind the baseline. It is an important part of the game because if the foot is touching the court or is near the lines that we are keeping in mind. But once the game has started after the serve, there is no need to think too much about where you keep your feet during the game. Because when it comes to hitting the Pickleball, it won’t be easy to keep a check on where we keep the foot. 

So, already ready for the tips? Check them out in the following points!

  • Take a look at the pre-serve routine that seems to work for the player. So once it is decided, just stick to it always. It will help feel the comfort in playing and will be easy for the player to stay under regulations. 
  • Keep perfecting the swing with the serving technique by moving from the shoulder and finishing with the pickleball.
  • DO NOT over-rotate during the serve. To avoid that, just use a semi-closed stance for it. 
  • Generate power during the serve with the help of using the legs and core at that time. 
  • Be consistent with the toss and drop of Pickleball and then get on with it. 
  • Use different types of serves, and they can help during the match. Because if someone is mixing these things up, the opponent won’t be able to predict it.


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