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Zans Minimap Minecraft Mods Pc Free

Zan’s Minimap offers a easy to use map into Minecraft. It can be applied to track structures and even mobs. One of the most useful characteristics are being able to make waypoints so you can never get lost! So please make up your time to download and experience this fascinating mod right away.

For hundreds of years ago, when Minecraft has no compass or any directional tool yet. People are getting lost in their own planets in minecraft. Everyone needs a directional tool right? Well, Minecraft is also making new navigational tools as well! (Map, compasses). Everyone should understand what a map is. Minecraft 1.7.8 currently has a brand new map in the minecraft game, which is an item. This Item doesn’t really aid in finding your house right? And also every time we desire to look at the map. We must equip it all the time. But now, those paper maps we won’t be demanding them anymore. As present we own the Zan’s MiniMap! Zan’s Minimap permits you to look at the map without equipping it! You also don’t have to waste your compasses to make one. This Zan’s MiniMap is a high classification map:

If you have been reading minecraft mods for pc, you should understand that we have a post about Minecraft’s AutoMap (check it out!). This mod can also be applied on SMP server! What a wonderful mod! Thanks to the developer of this mod(Zaneris). I endorse this mod to you so you won’t get lost in your world anymore! Never get lost in the mod again if you have already had this in your game play. So enjoy !!

Zan’s minimap which is at the same time known as Voxelmap, is one such modification that gives an interesting feature to this game. This is however recommended for the Minecraft version: 1.11.2, 1.11,1.10.2,1.8,1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4/1.5.2. What makes this mod extraordinary is the fact that it allows the player to know precisely where they have been and where they are heading to.

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Zans minimap controls:

Press “M” to open the options for the map (default key) where you can tune it to your liking

Pressing “B” will let you give a waypoint to the map, which has several uses, can be used to find certain things, to mark points of interests on your map and much more.

“Z” will zoom the minimap, cycling through the various levels of zoom.

To open the full map, simply press “X”, and unlike the crafted map, this shows places you haven’t discovered yet.

There is at the same time an unbound key that toggles mobs, simply bind the key you want to it to toggle if you want to see mobs on the map or not.

Replace all other keybinds set to M, zan’s seems to take last priority. Just go to options > controls > all and find ANYTHING that’s on M and make a change for it.



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